Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween decorating has begun

 I have this convenient little nook as you come in the front entrance which is great for decorating.
still got a pumpkin to decorate.

I decided to paint/carve this one got the idea from BHG free pumpkin templates although I didn't use the template it did give me the idea.
 The plate at the back  has peelable glass paint on it so I can change it throughout the year.
 With the lights out above and below it just isn't showing up on the photograph however its lights up pretty well in reality.

Friday, 1 October 2010


I have been looking for Halloween crafts for seniors trolling blogs and found a few ideas however I did find theses delightful labels which would be great for my hallway bookcase they are fantastic and I just had to share Halloween jar labels

You must check out this blog even after halloween

These are two of the jars I've done so far one is an old medicine bottle and the other is a jam jar I mixed mod podge and ink the painted over the jar let it dry and added the label I got from here and scrunched the label before addin to the jar.

I also added lids and stems which I got from here

Where have I gone

Shock horror I hadn't realised how long it had been since I posted anything. Lots of projects completed but alas not posted off on holiday for a few weeks and when I come back I plan to post post post. Of course I will have to change my name by deed poll to the ' procrastination queen'