Thursday, 18 February 2010

What a welcome

If you own a Dog you'll understand this.

I arrived home from work today to be greeted by this little man, oh boy was he pleased to see me. He couldn't contain his joy he yelped and licked and leaped. I've never felt so loved and missed in my life ( yup even my better half doesn't miss me that much)

Learning every day

Like I said I work in a care home for the elderly.

Today one of the residents taught me how to crochet (and I use the term taught loosely).

Kay (not her real name) showed great patience as it's something I've tried before without much success.
Bless her heart she tried her hardest but I was not a very  good student time and time again she repeated the same simple steps, eventually I got a few simple stitches if that's what you call them.
Kay has given me homework. It was a fun afternoon and much laughter was had by both of us.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Christmas creations

Now I don't claim these to be originals but I liked the ideas so much I had to make some.

The candy wreath I saw on skip to my lou This is my version took hours as I wrapped the coat hanger in tinsel to bulk it up. I used 1kilo tin of chocolates and tied each sweet on with curling ribbon. Wow really long time skip to my lou's version much quicker and just as nice.

Chocolate bouquet I saw on sisterhood
The silver plant pot was a thrift store find I used balloon cup sticks as I didn't like the idea of piercing the chocolate. I used uhu paper glue to attach the Ferrero Rocher to the cup part and threaded the tissue squares onto the stick part and used a little dab of glue to secure. Then simply arranged my chocolate poinsettia to my pleasing.

Chocolate bar bouquet on ehow I made quite a few of these. I also fanned money and attached that to skewers inserting them into the mix. Though i called mine chocolate fireworks.

So these were my attempts and they all went down a storm.

Cherry baby

Okay these were so simple, but I just love cherries so had to make myself a pair they're basically cherry charms that I just added to earring posts.
No real talent there then.
Oh so simple but love them.

First post

My first posting, well in the nature of all things procrastination (I've been putting this off for years now) I have finally got round to it.
I plan to add on a daily basis but don't hold your breath on that one!
Well what's to say.
I work in a care home for the elderly which I love, it can be challenging, tiring but ultimately rewarding.
In my free time I love walking which is great now we have our little rescue dog.
why oh why do people abandon animals, he's such a cutey and sooo adorable full of fun and affection.
I'm currently working on three scrapbooks, several corsages and a few pairs of earrings!

Well that's all my random thoughts for the moment!