Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wedding gift

We seem to be in the midst of wedding season, what to give mmmhh. Well it had to be crafted slightly and who couldn't use money when starting out, and chocolate is always welcome (well it is in my house).

So I decided on one of my gift boxes.

I covered a bud box with prettty paper, sunk in some florist foam cut out a circle for the champagne to sit in and wine flutes. I used balloon sticks rather than insert bamboo skewers into to chocolate. Attached some tissue to the stems and arranged into the foam. 
I made money roses  

Money roses instructions here.

I will vary gift boxes can't have them all the same now can I but this is the general idea.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Hello again hello

Well I haven't been abducted by aliens or some such nonsense.  I'm to busy reading other peoples blogs then it's time for bed and I haven't posted again. Bad me naughty naughty girl. 

Love these books read them to my niece. Second only to Beatrix Potter or as she called her Peatrix Potter.

 Lol when Nat was 5 we took her to Beatrix Potter world and the whole way there she asked when are we getting to Peatrix potter world not quite sure what she was expecting. But she had fun and even though she couldn't understand why Peatrix wasn't there she was happy.
She loved Peatrix Potter. 
When she got a bit older she moved onto Katie Morag her signed copy was a treasured item.    

Oh the random thoughts I have not at all what I intended to post but never mind my brain doesn't work like that.