Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Christmas creations

Now I don't claim these to be originals but I liked the ideas so much I had to make some.

The candy wreath I saw on skip to my lou This is my version took hours as I wrapped the coat hanger in tinsel to bulk it up. I used 1kilo tin of chocolates and tied each sweet on with curling ribbon. Wow really long time skip to my lou's version much quicker and just as nice.

Chocolate bouquet I saw on sisterhood
The silver plant pot was a thrift store find I used balloon cup sticks as I didn't like the idea of piercing the chocolate. I used uhu paper glue to attach the Ferrero Rocher to the cup part and threaded the tissue squares onto the stick part and used a little dab of glue to secure. Then simply arranged my chocolate poinsettia to my pleasing.

Chocolate bar bouquet on ehow I made quite a few of these. I also fanned money and attached that to skewers inserting them into the mix. Though i called mine chocolate fireworks.

So these were my attempts and they all went down a storm.


  1. Fun! I love the chocolate firewords and may have to steal that idea sometime! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Your welcome glad you liked them. Sharing ideas is great fun.


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