Monday, 5 April 2010

Busy day

Well yes I haven't posted for a while hmm hence the dilly dally.
But today has been a busy day off work for 2 whole weeks. As today was my first day woohoo I decided to be productive.
My DF and I took our beloved little Sam for a very long walk, he had a whale of a time roaming about and foraging in the undergrowth. He must be tired because both he and DF are curled up on the sofa snoring.
When we came back I made Spicy Chicken Salsa with tacos for Dinner. Chicken and rice for Sam.
Then I had a mini bake-athon  cheesecake, scones and lemon drizzle cake. Feeling very pleased with myself and rewarded myself with a nice gin & tonic. mmmmhh.

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