Monday, 5 April 2010

Precious symbols

A few days ago I realised what was the most precious thing, my DF and I are currently experiencing financial difficulties. It almost pushed me to breaking point when DF's car broke down again and needs expensive work done.
So trying to be pragmatic we're having a boot sale (Yard sale), and anything that is of value we have decided to sell separately (not that we have much of value however). We managed to agree on several items of small value that we will sell on ebay. However I felt that we could pawn my engagement ring and vintage tiara that was to be  for our wedding.
At this point DF broke down I was stunned, normally I'm the emotional sentimental one and he doesn't show any  signs of emotion. I thought I was being practical but he reminded me of just what that ring symbolises and how proud he was when he purchased it for me.
So this is how I realised my most precious thing DF of course but the ring is a symbol of all his love and our hopes and dreams.
Our current financial situation is only a blip we have a plan and coupled with frugality, hard work and a tight budget we'll get there.
We now have a dreams box which contains items which symbolise all our hopes and dreams. A picture of which I will post later.

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