Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Octopus for Sam

I've been thinking of making some toys for Sam however I couldn't decide what would be the best shape until today on our usual walk around the park. He was foraging around in the shrubbery when all of a sudden he came bounding out tossing something around (don't worry I thought that too for a second) when I realised it was a just a glove someone had obviously dropped. There was no-one around just me and Sam so I let him keep it.

Boy did he have fun throwing it in the air and catching it.

That's when inspiration hit me an octopus. Well okay I could have just given him some old gloves but where would the fun be for me in that. I had an old sweater that I loved the colours of and was loathed to throw away so I had my material.
I cut the hood off then drew a rough Octopus shape before cutting out.
The hood was lined with the same material in plain grey which meant I had four layers.
I'm an impatient stitcher and tend to sew without tacking (bad me).

I stitched the two layers of the tentacles together but not the head yet, I then turned the tentacles right side out and joined the striped bits of the head together then turned then the right side out.

Sam waiting patiently.

I added some eyes just for effect though they probably won't last long with Sam.

I then stuffed the head lightly but not the tentacles as I wanted to mimic the lightness of the glove.

I tucked in the excess material to strengthen the head (hopefully last a bit longer).
Then hand stitched the seam.

Et voila! 


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